amatori members

Collaborating is one of our core values, spiced up with friendship, sharing and fun. Amatori is all about this — enjoying the journey together.

Amatori is a Berlin-based collective and record label that celebrates the art of the amateur. Named after the Italian word for 'amateurs,' Amatori consists of international people who share their passion for music and creativity.

The core members of Amatori are based between Berlin and Bassano del Grappa in Italy. While they work full-time in areas beyond music, they use Amatori as a soundboard to bounce ideas, explore music production techniques, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

As a collective, the group encourages exchanging knowledge in a safe space, whether that space is a living room, video call, stream or DIY party location. Since 2019, the community has ebbed and flowed, welcoming friends and mutual friends from abroad into the fold. Together they build a network to boost each other's projects. B2B DJ sets, mixing and mastering one another's tracks, providing feedback and sharing music is standard within the group. Supporting and encouraging creativity in any shape — as well as being supported by and in constant dialogue with other arts — is vital to the collective.

The aesthetic of Amatori has oscillated between downtempo, layer-textured melodies like the Recel EP to percussive-heavy, dark atmospheres in Lub~Dub. The collective also invites intriguing DJs to contribute to Amatori's multi-toned Amamix archive. Building a diverse sound palette is integral to Amatori, with a policy that welcomes any genre. So far, nine releases make up the label's back catalogue, with plenty more in the pipeline by local and international producers.